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Leverage your skills and resources into sustainable solutions that impact & transform lives.

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Volunteering abroad with The Invictus Initiative is a transformative adventure, impacting both the community member and the volunteer.


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Our model effectively creates an environment that directs your skills and resources into the things you are actually passionate about. Helping you to engage and impact local community members responsibly and sustainably through our relationship-driven approach.

Rather than offering handouts that creating dependency and entitlement, our approach works to empower community members with the project specific support and ownership necessary to initiate sustainable and successful impact.

Prepare to have your global perspective challenged! Our programs will expose you to an environment, a people group, and experiences that will push your comfort level and cultivate within you some important questions that may be difficult for you to work through. The good news is that you won’t have to go through it alone as our team leaders will be right there with you – providing you with the coaching and support that can oftentimes result in some pretty big breakthroughs.

Volunteer with trusted in-country partners that have been vetted and stand up to the safety and security standards we have set to ensure risks are appropriately mitigated.

If you’re looking for a pre-planned, task list-driven, and overly structured volunteering curriculum, The Invictus Initiative may not be for you. Our approach to volunteering is designed in a way that creates the flexibility to respond and react to the needs and timing of the communities we work with, organically creating opportunities to engage the community at where they are at vs. where we want them to be.

When it comes to combining meaningful work with meaningful experiences, we’ve got you covered! In addition to providing quality programs, we incorporate cultural activities that will expose you to the wonderful and breathtaking sites your project country has to offer.

Connect with other like-minded Invictus volunteers and build life-long friendships with your fellow team members, partner communities, and Invictus Initiative staff.

We walk with you along every step of the process, providing you with the advice, training, and resources to help you navigate your volunteering experience.

Fundraising for a trip can initially be one of the most intimidating and scariests aspects of considering whether to volunteer abroad. Rest assured that as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we’re well experienced in this field, and we’ll show you effective and proven ways to help secure up to 90% of your trip fees from outside sources.

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The Invictus Initiative is committed to the ongoing learning and development of its international volunteers. Our team members receive access to various types of training and activities that strengthen team unity and effectiveness in the field. Our goal is to make sure that each team member has a clear understanding of who their team members are and what the objectives and best practices are before any boots are on the ground.


As a team member on one of our humanitarian trips, you will be flown into a region of the world many rarely see in a lifetime. Through our relationship-based approach, you will have the opportunity to walk alongside new and beautiful people groups; sharing and creating meaningful life experiences, finding and implementing solutions to important community issues, and identifying and investing the skills and resources you have into sustainable community-driven projects.


Our hand selected in-country champions are chosen because of trust and leadership that their community gives them. Offering specialized skills like language interpretation and cultural understanding and know how, these local ambassadors are in-tune with the heartbeat of their community, allowing our teams to gain the valuable insight and knowledge necessary to walk alongside and truly help the communities we work with.


The Invictus Initiative goes to great lengths to partner with community champions that assist with safety concerns and mitigate risk. When volunteering with us, know that we cannot allow for every eventuality. Please be prepared to experience the unexpected – good and bad. An ability to change, an open heart, and a sense of humor will be your greatest friend as you enter this journey.

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