Trip Sign Up

Trip Sign Up

General Requirements:

  • Short-term trips are designed to build relationships and help those in need. While each trip will potentially have a more specific purpose or focus, the overarching goal is to build relationships and help those in need.
  • Understand the expectation/purpose for the trip and make sure it is in sync with your personal expectations.
  • Commitment to 4 team building days. Expect up to 3-4 hours in one day.


Your Contact Information

What country are you interested in volunteering in?

Which solution category are you most passionate about?

Do you have a valid passport?

If you have a valid passport, when does it expire?

Your Name (as it appears on your passport)

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Date of Birth

Are you currently attending university?

What year are you? (required)

What university have you recently attended if applicable?

Have you at one time, or are you currently a member of any university club or organization?

Which university club or organization if applicable?

Can you cover the cost of such a trip? (required)

Tell Us More About Yourself

What has motivated you to apply with The Invictus Initiative?

What top skill or resource can you bring to The Invictus Initiative?

What are you hoping to achieve by going on this trip and working with us?

What languages do you speak?

What is your occupation?

What has been your previous travel experience?

Do you have any special dietary requirements? (e.g. Vegetarian)

Do you have any relevant medical conditions or history that could impact the trip? (e.g. Asthma, diabetic)

Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Contact Name

Emergency Contact Phone Number

Emergency Contact Email

What is your emergency contacts relationship to YOU?

Additional Information

How did you hear about this trip/project?

What are some of your other places or humanitarian causes of interest around the world?

Want to stay informed?

Please keep me informed on the following...
Giving Time (e.g. consulting, international trips, pro bono work)Giving Resources (e.g. material goods, network introductions & connections)Giving Financial SupportKeep Me Updated (e.g. future trips, causes, news)

Do you have any questions or comments for us?

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