Orphanage Banana Bread Business

Orphanage Banana Bread Business


The Sigomre Small Home for The Physically Challenged Children (a facility catering to physically and mentally challenged children run by the Catholic church) has a struggling bakery program. The aim of the bakery, along with other departments, is to generate funding for the Small Home that will go towards the support of programs that care and provide for the children that reside there. Although attempts have been made by the staff to boost the income potential of the program, nothing has really changed the outcome. In fact, their last attempt at baking bread ended in disaster, as the yeast was unable to make the bread rise.


Implementation of an alternative recipe: banana bread, which does not require yeast. Although unheard of within the community, the ingredients for banana bread are readily available in the local community. The project would also include an educational component focusing on the financial and business aspects of production, packaging, pricing, and introducing the product into the marketplace.

Long-Term Impact

The sample batch was an instant hit (nobody in the community had ever heard of--much less, tried--banana bread before). Working with the Small Home bakers, the group went over the recipe and baked the bread in charcoal ovens, then went out into the community to actively market and sell the banana bread. The bread was a hit in the marketplace and their entire inventory was purchased the first day it was available. The banana bread project empowered the Small Home with a new model of generating income that they could implement themselves as a sustainable solution for their bakery program.


Initiated in 2013 and currently completed.

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