Connecting the Mt. Everest Region by Trail


Mt. Everest region is known as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Thousands of tourists around the world hike and climb in Khumbu every year and enjoy the temporary visit. Tourists spend a good amount of money in Nepal, money which rarely makes its way back to the communities of the Khumbu (Mt. Everest) region. Struggling for basic needs, the people living in the communities of the Khumbu dream of a day where drinking water, education, and proper sanitation in schools are a reality.


This project will include working with the Sherpa people in rebuilding the original trail hiked by sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Sherpa (which has been abandoned for over 50 years), and by doing so, will create better access and lowered transportation costs for supplies into the high mountain villages as well as open additional access into the Khumbu, which will bring with it opportunities for local communities to engage with the annual tourism industry, bringing awareness to pressing issues and creating development opportunities.

Long-Term Impact

After initiating the project with the help of local Sherpa, skilled community laborers, government officials, and landowners, the trail has since been completed.


Initiated in 2011 and currently completed.

Project Photos

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