Community Mapping: Collecting GIS Data for 11 Sublocations


Maps are a critical piece of our identity. They tell us where we are, where we come from, and can show us where we’re going. In the developing world, maps often serve as an integral information source for the planning and development of expansion and growth. Where there was once nothing, a map has the power to tell the world there is in fact something, and that that something may be worth looking at. Besides an old photocopy of a hand drawn map (showing some roads and a few key points of a sublocation), none of the villages that The Invictus Initiative works with have an accurate map. Data points that over 30,000 community members value such as rivers, churches, schools, roads, walking paths, watering holes (of which all are only known by a handful of village elders), etc. are shown in person, spoken of verbally, or simply unknown.


This project will work with the village elders, deputy chiefs, and supporting community members of 11 sublocations in Western Kenya. Our objective will be to compile important community data points and then initiate a large mapping design effort with handheld GPS devices. The first draft of the map will be distributed into the hands of community leadership and educational workshops on reading and expanding map data will be taught.

Long-Term Impact

The community mapping initiative has helped create an opportunity for various sublocations to come together with the common goal of documenting and sharing key geographical points.


Initiated in 2013 and currently completed.

Project Photos

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