Building a Home for a Family in the Slums


Complexo do Alemao was once viewed as one of Brazil’s most dangerous favelas. Like most marginalized shantytowns, Alemao was home to gang activity, violence, and drug trafficking, amongst other things. However, the result of Rio’s pacification efforts for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics have changed things for the better, at least for the time being. Inside the community there is a woman by the name of Rosangela that has played an influential part in bringing together people to help be the positive change so many living within the slums want to see. Currently her family of five is living in a single room on one of the many hills of Complexo do Alemao.


This project will include working with local community members to construct additional space onto Rosangela’s home, ensuring that Rosangela and her family have safer and all around better living conditions.

Long-Term Impact

In addition to providing Rosangela and her family a better home, we were able to build stronger relationships with community leaders inside the favela. Our relationships have brought greater understanding and revealed more opportunities to effectively empower people and direct skills and resources into sustainable solutions that improve communities and transform lives.


Initiated in 2013 and currently completed.

Project Photos

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