Community-enriching educational support for children and adults on a wide range of topics through teaching, equipping, and general care.

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Fighting Malnourishment at All-Girls School

Drought-prone areas of Kenya can leave primary and secondary school students with limited or no food to eat. The poverty in some villages is so intense that many students... Read More

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Orphanage Banana Bread Business

Orphanage Banana Bread Business

The Sigomre Small Home for The Physically Challenged Children (a facility catering to physically and mentally challenged children run by the Catholic church) has a struggling bakery program. The aim of the... Read More

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Painting a School

School Renovation

Located just over 50 km outside of Kathmandu, Sansari Devi is a school serving 159 girls and boys in classes ranging from primary to grade five. The condition of the school and its classrooms are not suitable for learning and many improvements are required... Read More

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Solar Lamps

Solar Lamps to Help Kids Study at Night

After a discussion forum held with the students of a local Kenyan secondary school (high school), the Invictus team identified that a large majority of Kenyan students do not have electricity or lights in their schools and homes to study at night... Read More

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Study Goals and Skills

Study Skills & Goals Workshop for Students

Kenya’s education system is based off the British education system. This means that most secondary (high school) students spend very long days at school... Read More

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Teaching Farmers Financial Literacy

Many of the farmers who work together within a local agricultural common interest group (CIG) never record the money exchanged during business transactions... Read More

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Community Mapping: Collecting GIS Data for 11 Sublocations

Maps are a critical piece of our identity. They tell us where we are, where we come from, and can show us where we’re going. In the developing world, maps often serve as an integral information source for the planning and development of expansion and growth... Read More

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Best and Most Important Use

For those of you interested in donating to The Invictus Initiative but don't have a project in mind there are clear objectives and needs that many times can benefit from your generosity and gifts...

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