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Your Skills and Resources

When it comes to investing our time, talents, and treasures, there are a number of options available to us. Some more meaningful and fulfilling than others. Work with us and we’ll help direct your skills and resources into sustainable solutions that improve communities and transform lives.
Complete our Skills and Resources form and put your time, talents, and treasures to work!

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Volunteer Abroad

As a team member on one of our humanitarian trips, you will be flown into a region of the world many rarely see in a lifetime. Through our relationship-based approach, you will have the opportunity to walk alongside new and beautiful people groups; sharing and creating meaningful life experiences, finding and implementing solutions to important community issues, and identifying and investing the skills and resources you have into sustainable community-driven projects.
Take a look at our upcoming humanitarian trips and apply today!

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Your Workplace

In addition to getting your donations matched by your employer, partnering with The Invictus Initiative at the corporate level can make a huge impact and send a clear message of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to your customers, employees, and shareholders.
Learn more about how we can collaborate with your workplace and take our impact to the next level!

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Your School

Whether you’re a student or professor, our network of relationships, projects, and humanitarian opportunities can empower you with everything you need to help make a greater impact, locally and abroad.

Learn more about the opportunities to get plugged in at the student & university level!

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Start a Fundraising Campaign

You can help generate awareness and support for a number of great humanitarian projects around the world by starting your own fundraising campaign! Whether you plan to run a marathon, ask for donations instead of birthday gifts, or take multiple pies to the face, your campaign can be  creative, fun, and impactful.
Start a Campaign Today!

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Attend an Event

Visit our calendar for a current listing of events in your area. With a number of fun and exciting fundraiser throughout the year, you’ll get to experience our organization’s culture firsthand.
Take a look at some upcoming Events

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When you donate to The Invictus Initiative, you are supporting a cause that is changing the world as we know it! Every dollar you invest helps continue our mission of building unconquerable relationships that bring together the skills and resources needed to initiate sustainable solutions, improve communities, and transform lives.

Make a tax deductible donation today and help make the world a better place.

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