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Summer 2012 Kenya – Day 4

The warm African sun rising from the east awoke us from our sleep just in time for an early breakfast.  Formalities a must, in addition to becoming more acquainted with our gracious hosts here at the Harambee guest house, today we would get to meet with the Chief of Sigomre.  Expecting an 8:30am departure, the team was up early and ready to go!  Fortunately the team discovered “African time” that morning, allowing for more quality team bonding (This is not a tumor) and a better understanding of how one gets a chicken to the dinner table when supermarkets are nowhere to be found (Sweet  knife skills Jane!).

At about quarter to noon the team walked a few kilometers to meet with Victor, the acting chief for over 7,000 families.  Welcoming us with a big smile and firm handshake, he was excited about our work and to “welcome home his brothers and sisters” who should feel free and safe while working in Kenya.  After introducing us to the captain of the local police, and getting his personal cell phone number in case we ran into any “unexpected situations,” we said our goodbyes and were on our way.

Following an energizing lunch, the team spent the 3K walk to the clinic enamored with the Kenyan landscape.  Fascinated by all of the foreign plants and creatures, hanging bird nests, and even a green mamba, we all realized just how amazing our new world was.  Once arriving to the clinic, we met with the highly capable medical staff, learned about their daily operations, explored what options we had for the installation of the solar charging station, and headed back home. Taking short breaks to chat with the curious children and other welcoming passerby’s along the road, we quickly discovered a new word.  It turns out that if you ever hear someone shout “Mzungo! Mzungo!” do not be afraid, for they’re simply stating the obvious – indeed, we are white people, thank you for noticing;)

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