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Summer 2013 Kenya – Days 14 & 15

With our time coming to an end here in Kenya, we started to wrap up some of our initiatives around the community. Mike and Tyrel set off on their motorcycles with a couple of the locals, Daniel and John, to finalize the beginnings of the area-mapping project while Lauren, Matt, and Travis headed to the Sigomre Small Home to install their banana bread idea.

At Small Home, we went over the making, marketing, and pricing of the banana bread concept. After conducting a cost analysis of bread production, we helped the staff understand maximizing profit through the consideration of fixed and variable costs, something they had not incorporated in their past pricing model. Working with the Small Home bakers we went over the recipe and baked the bread in charcoal ovens. The banana bread turned out fantastically sweet and delicious.

Sigomre Small Home Bread Project Invictus Initiative 2013

Sigomre Small Home Bread Invictus Initiative 2013

Sigomre Small Home Bread Display Invictus Initiative 2013

Together with members of Small Home, we went out into the community to actively market and sell the banana bread, with a plate full of tiny samples and several loaves of the product. Within thirty minutes of being out in the town market we sold all we had baked, seeing content smiles and hearing praise for the food we had made together. The best part about our experiment was that we ended up making a profit for the day, something the Small Home had not been able to do for some time.

The excitement from the Small Home staff was high. Empowered with knowledge and new skills, they planned to do the entire process themselves the next day. We left them with final advice, and then made our way back to the guest house, where we connected with Mike and Tyrel to learn about their day of mapping. They had successfully finished up the GPS mapping of 11 villages. Covered in red dust from head to toe, they shared their stories of adventure. With motorcycle breakdowns, backcountry exploration, and making of new friends, we listened and had some chuckles. It was good to have the team whole again.

Goat BBQ Invictus Kenya 2013

Tonight the Invictus team would be throwing a community goat BBQ, a special night celebrating the new relationships we have developed during our time in Sigomre. With invitations out, a fresh goat roasting with all the fixin’s/Kenyan essentials, we got ready for the party. About an hour after the initial start time given to our guests for dinner, and several games of Uno, our guests finally arrived (“African Time” remember). Together we shared a great meal, as well as several departing speeches of gratitude, praise, and future plans from everyone. The Chief and his staff also added to the speeches, noting the work completed and joy created within the community during our time with everyone.  With extending approvals and continued welcome to future Invictus groups, we wrapped up the evening with content stomachs, happy hearts, and rich relationships.

Goat BBQ Invictus Initiative Kenya 2013

Goat BBQ 2 Invictus Initiative Kenya 2013

Sitting down with the rest of the team, we recollected the day’s experiences, sharing stories and winding down with cold bottled sodas bought at the local supermarket. Taking some time to connect with our loved ones back home, we closed the day’s chapter.

Day 15

It was Sunday, and this would be our last day in Sigomre.

After arranging transport by way of piki piki, we made the drive to Got Osimbo to meet up with our friends Daniel and John for another Sunday morning Kenyan church service. Once again, we were asked to say a few words, and Mike spoke on behalf of the group. Speaking on the importance of love with action, he then thanked the community for their warm reception of the group and informed everyone of the excitement already brewing for the return trip next year. The message was well received.

Heading back to the guest house, the team had some lunch and prepared for our second futbol match with Uluthe Secondary. Once the game was underway, things quickly turned competitive. Making the guys look bad, while at the same time encouraging the female spectators from the community, Lauren scored yet another goal. Yeah, she’s pretty good. Finishing up, we took some time to hangout with our friends before making the trek back.

Daniel joined us for dinner and everyone took some time to reflected and discuss the last two weeks of the trip. Sharing our experiences of the work we had completed and the friendships developed, things got a bit emotional. Before Daniel left us, he read us a heartfelt message of encouragement, preparing us for the journey we had ahead. The world could use more friends like Daniel.

Staying up through the night a bit later than usual, everyone packed and got ready for the early morning drive out. Tomorrow would mark our first of three days in the Maasai Mara.

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